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Welcome to the registration page for the NEA Guide to the Affordable Care Act. The National Education Association developed this site as a tool for affiliate leaders and staff. Where appropriate, registration will be coordinated with state affiliates.

Answering questions about health care reform

If you have questions about the health care reform information on this site, we encourage you to contact your UniServ director, other local-level source of support, or the appropriate affiliate staff person. If you still have questions, we’re happy to work with you in coordination with the state affiliate.


This website requires and collects the following data on users who are registered: username and nickname; name and email address; and affiliate and role with affiliate. It allows, but does not require, users to voluntarily enter additional profile information to which we have access. The site has the capability to identify when a user registered, the last time a user logged on, and how many times a user has logged on. The site can also track which pages of the site a user has visited, but we delete page-visit information approximately once a year.

We use email addresses collected during registration only to communicate regarding health care-related updates, site changes, or, in rare cases, to verify registration or carry out other administrative functions. When we send emails, we can generate reports on which users opened the email and the links on which they clicked.

In general, we coordinate site registration with NEA's state affiliates. We may communicate with affiliates about requests to access the site.

Terms and conditions of use

By logging in, you certify that you are an NEA national or affiliate leader or staff member, a leader or staff member of an NEA member health benefit trust, or a member of an NEA-affiliated bargaining team or health benefits committee who has been approved to use this site, that you will not share your registration or login information, and that you will not allow access to the site by unauthorized individuals.

Without the express, written consent of the National Education Association’s Collective Bargaining and Member Advocacy Department, the employees, directors, consultants, actuaries, or attorneys of the following are not permitted access to the site: employee benefits companies; consulting, actuarial, or law firms; for-profit or non-profit insurance companies; third-party administrators; NEA members’ employers; and other companies or organizations working directly or indirectly with or on health care or health benefit issues.